Universal Orlando: Top Tips and Attraction Assistance Explained

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Robin B

Are you thinking of visiting Universal Orlando during your trip to Florida? If you suffer from an illness or injury that makes walking difficult or impossible, investing in Orlando scooter rentals is the first step you can to make sure your trip is as fun and exciting as possible. A mobility scooter will help you get around much more easily than a walker or cane, and will allow you to spend more time having fun with your family because you won’t grow as weary or tired so quickly.

Visiting Orlando Universal when you’re using a mobility scooter is easy, as well. This theme park offers a number of features to ensure disabled guests are able to participate in attractions and obtain the assistance they need to board rides and obtain the full Universal experience. This is known as the Universal Attraction Assistance Pass. Want to know how to get it? Here’s how.

Orlando Scooter Rentals and Universal Assistance

Knowing where and where not to go when you’re riding on a mobility scooter can be difficult at Orlando Universal, especially if it’s your first time visiting. That’s where a Universal Attraction Assistance Pass comes in handy. This allows you gain quick access to the rides you most want to go on. Getting this pass requires a few steps:

  • Obtain a doctor’s note that says you need special accommodations ‘due to disability.’ The name of your disability or any information related to it isn’t necessary, as long as the doctor states ‘due to disability’ on the note.
  • Once you’ve obtained this note and arrive at Orlando Universal theme park in Florida, go to Guest Services, which is located on the ride side of the turnstiles. Present them with the note and you will obtain an Attraction Assistance Pass.
  • While you’re with Guest Services, discuss what rides and attractions are and are not available to you. Some may have a height requirement you may not meet because of your mobility scooter. They will most likely evaluate your height, your ability to hold onto restraints, and your ability to hold your head up.

Once that pass is in your hand, using it is easy. Simply present it to the greeter at every attraction you visit and they will direct you to a separate entrance where you will be able to board the attraction with your Orlando scooter rental or switch to one of the theme park’s wheel chairs.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Universal Orlando Attraction Assistance Pass

  • Be patient. Sometimes you’ll be asked to come back to the attraction at a certain time if there is a long line. If this is the case, enjoy other areas of the park while you wait.
  • Keep in mind that you can only establish one reservation time at the same time. This means that if you’re waiting for one ride, you can’t reserve another for a later time. After you finish the first ride, you will have to go back and make the second reservation. This is to ensure everyone using mobility scooters or wheelchairs has the opportunity to ride the attraction.
  • If the ride requires you to switch to a wheelchair, make sure to tell the attendant that you’ll need your rented scooter back when the ride is completed.
  • Before you get in line, speak to the ride attendant. While some rides will require you to enter the ride normally, you may have to use the express lane or an alternative door for others.

Ready to enjoy yourself at Universal Orlando? Make a plan so you can have a fun and exciting time, even if you need to use an Orlando scooter rental.

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Preventing Damage to Your Orlando Scooter Rental

Posted on December 13, 2013 by Robin B

Renting a mobility scooter in Florida is an easy way to ensure you enjoy every moment of your vacation. With Orlando scooter rentals, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to keep up with your family or whether your illness or injury will prevent you from taking part in the fun activities the group has planned. These scooters also allow you to maintain some of your independence on the trip; you don’t have to constantly rely on other to help you get around.

While an Orlando scooter rental offers many benefits, there are concerns every renter should be aware of. The most prominent of which is potential damage that could occur. In most cases, any damage you do to a rented scooter must be repaired- and that cost comes out of your own pocket. Keeping the rented scooter safe means you not only get to enjoy your vacation, but also ensures it doesn’t cost you more than you originally intended.

Preventing Damage to Orlando Scooter Rentals

When you read the terms and conditions of the rental contract for your new mobility scooter, you will quickly notice that the terms name you as the responsible party for any damage that occurs to the scooter. This is common, and helps motivate renters to take care of the scooters as much as possible. In order to do this, however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • You are the Driver- That means you shouldn’t allow your thirteen year old son to ‘try the scooter out,’ or leave the scooter sitting out where anyone could take advantage of it. Doing so could not only put the scooter at risk, but would also violate the contract. You, and you alone should drive the scooter.
  • Watch the Weight- Every mobility scooter is different, and each has their own unique capabilities. Pay attention to what those are. If your Orlando Scooter Rental can only hold 325 pounds and you weigh 330 pounds, don’t take the chance. The weight capacities are assigned to the scooters for a reason.
  • Be Defensive- You don’t have to be paranoid throughout your entire vacation, looking around every corner for the potential hazard that could damage your rented scooter, but you should be as defensive as possible. Think before you go. If you’re crossing at an intersection, look both ways. If you’re going through a doorway, make sure it is wide enough for the chair to fit through. Look for hazards and problems that can be easily avoided to save you time and money.

Insurance for Orlando Scooter Rentals

As hard as you might try, and as defensive as you might be, you can’t prevent every mistake or accident that comes along. That’s why you should always opt for the accidental damage insurance offered when you rent the mobility scooter. This insurance not only protects your wallet in the event the scooter becomes scratched or dinged, but also protects you in case it’s stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair.

Accidental insurance for Orlando scooter rentals is a low cost alternative that will make it easier for you to enjoy every moment of your vacation. Adding this coverage is simple, and will prevent you from any worries while you’re in Florida.

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Orlando Scooter Rentals and Your Transportation Options

Posted on December 06, 2013 by Robin B

So, you’ve finally decided to take that well-earned vacation in Florida. Your bags are packed you’ve reserved your hotel, and you’ve purchased tickets to some of the most exciting theme parks and attractions in the area. There’s little shortage of fun, fine dining, and one-in-a-lifetime opportunities to take advantage of. There’s just one problem: an illness or an injury makes it impossible for you to walk from place to place for long periods at a time- or at all.

So, what do you do?


Orlando, Florida Scooter Rentals

The first step you need to take is to avoid lugging around that walker, cane, or pair of crutches. These mobility aids may be helpful for getting from room to room at home, but when you’re out enjoying the Orlando night life, you’re going to grow too tired too quickly. Instead, rent a mobility scooter.

Orlando scooter rentals allow you to enjoy your time in Florida’s most popular city. They offer you the independence you need to explore by yourself, and the ease of mobility you require to keep up with the group of friends or family members you’re vacationing with. These mobility scooters can be used almost anywhere as well, including restaurants and theme parks throughout Orlando.

Transportation Options

While Orlando scooter rentals will make enjoying your vacation easy, you’ll need to find transportation options that accommodate these mobility scooters so you can explore everything Orlando has to offer. Luckily, in Florida, this isn’t a problem. Here are a few transportation options you can take advantage of when using a rental scooter.

  • Public Buses- Almost every public bus in Orlando comes with hydraulic lifts that are specifically made to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters. These buses can provide you with access to prime shopping areas, downtown Orlando, Sea World, and Universal Orlando. Restraining belts are also commonly used on these busses for safety purposes.
  • Disney Options- Planning a trip to Disney world? Disney offers mobility scooter friendly transportation options like shuttle buses, monorails, and rental cars. Some areas of the park can only be accessed by watercraft, and many of these are handicap accessible as well. If you plan on staying at Disney, you can arrange to be picked up at the air port via shuttle bus or rental car; you can also use many of these options to travel from your Disney hotel room to theme park itself.
  • Amtrak- Want to take a day trip to Tampa using the Amtrak? Don’t let your Orlando scooter rental stop you. As long as you provide 72 hours notice, Amtrak offers assistance, special seats, redcap service, and discounts to those who use mobility scooters or wheelchairs. In order to qualify for the assistance however, you need to bring proof from your doctors stating that you need special services.

Make the most of your next Florida vacation. Take advantage of the number of transportation options this beautiful and vibrant city has to offer, and be sure to contact us for your Orlando, Florida scooter rentals so you can enjoy every moment of your trip to paradise.


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Disney World Scooter Rentals | Bringing A Scooter To Disney

Posted on November 29, 2013 by Robin B

Orlando scooter rentalsPeople from all walks of life travel far and wide to get a taste of the Magic Kingdom with their friends and family. Within this melting pot of guests, are people who see Disney World as more of a challenge than a cheerful, enchanted place. Attempting to take on Disney World's 30,000 acres is a daunting task for anyone with health issues that impair their ability to walk or breathe with ease. For this reason we see many of Disney's guests tapping out early and heading back to their hotels before getting the chance to watch the fireworks or parades. Not because they don't want to stay, but because they physically can not.

We think everyone should be able to stay and take in the magic for as long as their hearts desire. That's why we offer scooter rentals for those who need assistance maneuverings through theme parks.

What About Disney Scooter Rentals?

Disney World does, in fact, offer guests scooter rentals within the parks and at Downtown Disney. However, we think you're going to prefer our Orlando scooter rentals over Disney's.

Disney's scooters are not available for rental until you have physically entered the park. So until you make it inside you will have to walk. For those who don't have the ability to do so, this poses a huge problem. But let's say you do figure out a way to manage the journey into the park, what's next? Well, you can not reserve a Disney scooter, so once you make it to the counter you will find out if you will even have one at all. Now maybe you arrived early enough to beat the crowds and they had a scooter for you to rent. How much will it cost? $50 per day, plus a $20 deposit. That doesn't sound so bad, unless you plan to stay for multiple days. Say you're visiting Disney for 3 days, your total cost for renting a scooter will be a whopping $150. That is a pretty substantial fee for the average family.

Now on the opposite side of things, let's say you rented your scooter from Florida Mobility Rentals. You can either call or visit our site to reserve a scooter for the days of your vacation and be able rest assured that you will have a scooter for your trip. If the location where you're staying is within 10 miles from our store, we will deliver the chair to you. If you happen to be staying a little further away than that, you can come pick the scooter up. All of our scooters have folding functions so they will fit into your car with ease. Unlike with Disney rentals, there will be no part of your day when you have to over exert yourself because you don't have a chair. The best part of renting from us though, is the price. A scooter like our Go Go Sport, 3 Wheel HD only costs $55 in total, for three days. That's almost a $100 dollar savings in comparison to Disney prices.

At the rates offered by Florida Mobility Rentals anyone can have access to a scooter during their vacation. We offer our customers reliable equipment at prices they can afford. The days of vacations being stressful and physically painful are long gone and the days of fully enjoying them have arrived.



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5 Signs You May Need a Scooter

Posted on November 22, 2013 by Robin B

Orlando scooter rentalsAsking for help isn’t something many of us like to do. In fact, trying to take care of ourselves and make it on our own is human nature. We don’t want to be dependent on others; we don’t even want to be dependent on things that can help us.

There comes a time, though, when we must set aside our pride and consider the possibility that we need help to make our lives work. This is especially true when we are suffering from an illness, injury, or have reached an elderly age.

If your age or an injury has made it difficult for you to move around, you may need the assistance of a mobility aid. The only question is, how do you know when a walker or a pair of crutches isn’t enough? How do you know when you need to consider, at least temporarily, a mobility scooter?

Do You Need a Scooter?

  • You Fall Frequently- Are you prone to falling down? Age can play a factor in your ability to maintain your balance, but certain illnesses and injuries can cause these problems as well. Going without help in this situation can be dangerous, and can lead to further injuries.
  • You Have Trouble Walking- Getting from your bedroom to the kitchen with the help of a walker might not be too difficult, but what do you do when you have to walk around the grocery store? What about when your family wants to go on vacation or participate in the neighborhood block party? If walking becomes difficult, even with the help of crutches, a cane, or a walker, then you may need to consider renting a mobility scooter to assist you in enjoying life.
  • You Have Trouble Standing- Do you have trouble standing for long periods at a time? Some individuals who suffer from back pain, strokes, and other illnesses have no trouble walking with a cane or walker; the minute they are asked to stand for more than ten minutes, however, they begin suffering pain and discomfort. This can easily be avoided with the help of a mobility scooter.
  • You’re Recovering From Surgery- Going under the knife may help you overcome an illness or injury, but the recovery time can wreak havoc on your sense of independence. If recovery is taking longer than you anticipated, take back your ability to take care of yourself with a scooter. You’ll be able to do more on your own and won’t feel as confined.
  • You Feel Left Out- While you may not need to use a scooter all of the time, renting one for the occasional outing can make you feel as if you’re still part of the fun. You can take your grandchildren to the mall, go on vacation with your family, and do everything you used to be able to do, without having to rely constantly on the help of your walker or cane.

Do you think you might need a mobility scooter? Visit our Orlando scooter rentals website and discover how you can take back your life and your independence right now.


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How to Carry a Walking Aid While Operating Your Mobility Scooter

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Robin B

Orlando scooter rentalsAre you planning on going on vacation, taking a business trip, or visiting family over the holidays? For most individuals, this would be a simple enough task to complete. For others, like those who have recently suffered from a illness or injury that has made it difficult to walk or stand, this is a cumbersome task.

There’s always the option to take your cane, crutches, or walker everywhere you go, but what happens when you grow tired waiting in a line at the airport or standing around waiting for the parade to begin on your Disney vacation? That’s when you need a mobility scooter. These battery powered vehicles make it easy for you to get from point A to point B without any problems.

Of course, you don’t always need a mobility scooter. If you’re faced with a flight of stairs and no wheelchair ramp, or if you’re just making your way from the bed to the bathroom in your hotel room, you want to have an alternative mobility aid handy. Juggling walking aids like crutches, walkers, and canes while driving a scooter can be difficult though. So what do you do?

Holders for Your Mobility Aids

Carrying your mobility aids while riding a scooter can be a problem, but it doesn’t have to be when you use the right holder. These special bags are designed specifically to be attached to mobility chairs so they can hold your cane or walker without risking damage to the expensive equipment or your rented mobility chair. They are compact, easy to use, and make regaining your independence as safe as possible.

  • Walkers- Want to take your walker with you when using your rented mobility chair? A walker holder for mobility scooters can be held to the back of a scooter with a few buckles and straps. The walker can then be folder up and placed upside down in the holder, with the legs pointing up.
  • Canes- Cane holders are long, thin, and made specifically to hold canes in an upright position. Various types of holders are available on the market today, and the type of scooter you rent will determine the one you’ll need. No matter which holder you purchase, however, you’ll feel confident about your decision; that’s because the holder prevents the cane from sticking out where it could be run into and prevents it from becoming caught in the scooter’s tires.
  • Crutches- Crutches are long, cumbersome devices that are sometimes necessary to use after you’ve suffered an injury like a broken bone or sprain. When you’re renting a mobility scooter, don’t let them get in the way. Use a crutch holder to perfectly carry the crutches on the back of the mobility scooter.

Want the convenience of being able to take advantage of both a mobility scooter and your mobile walking aid? Check out our Orlando scooter rentals for the best prices on mobility scooters, then purchase the right holder to fit on the back of the scooter for an easy way to ensure your independence and safety.

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How Scooter Friendly are Orlando Attractions? Theme Park Scooter Rental Tips

Posted on November 08, 2013 by Robin B

Orlando scooter rentalsWhen most people think about a dream vacation, there are certain city names that immediately spring to mind. One of these names is Orlando. Perhaps it’s the ability to relax on a gorgeous beach while soaking up the sun or even the pulse-pounding thrills of a thrill ride at a world-famous amusement park. No matter what the reason, there’s no denying that Orlando, FL offers some of the most exciting, amazing experiences you’ll ever have.

What happens, though, if you’re suffering from a short term illness or recovering from an injury and must rent a mobility scooter to get around during your vacation? Will the inability to walk keep you from enjoying this beautiful city and all it has to offer? It doesn’t have to. Orlando offers many attractions that are scooter-friendly. Let’s take a look at some you might want to consider for your vacation.

Experience a Scooter-Friendly Orlando

Where do you want to go on your vacation? Even if you’re riding around on a mobility scooter, you can still enjoy almost everything Orlando has to offer.

  • Walt Disney World- One of the most popular attractions in Orlando is Disney World, and it’s one attraction you shouldn’t miss out on. If you’re using a mobility scooter or wheelchair, don’t worry; the majority of Disney rides have mobility access. There are certain times, however when you may have to leave your mobility scooter behind, such as when only a wheelchair can be used on a ride or attraction. If this is the case, you can have a friend or family member take control of the scooter and transfer into a wheelchair for the duration of the ride.
  • SeaWorld- Looking to make a splash while on vacation in Orlando? Consider visiting SeaWorld. At this fantastic park, you can do almost anything from watching dolphins to riding thrill rides- even if you’re riding a mobility scooter or in a wheelchair. The majority of attractions and shows have wheel chair access, making it possible for you to have as much fun as you want on your vacation.
  • Amway Center- Amway Center is the place to go for exciting entertainment in Orlando. Here you can view once-in-a-lifetime concerts or cheer on your favorite team to victory. And, because Amway offers so much in the way of accessibility, you can do it all from the comfort of a rental scooter. At the center, you can take advantage of accessible elevators made specifically for guests with disabilities to help you get to the Event, Founders, Mezzanine, and Terrace levels of the center. Wheelchair and Scooter accessible seating is also available throughout the center in such a way that guests have the opportunity to choose their lines of sight, prices, and amenities. If you need assistance getting to or from your seat, escorts are also available to help.
  • Harry P. Leu Gardens- Experience a botanical oasis, just seconds away from downtown Orlando. Relax as you take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy the fragrance of beautiful blooming flowers, then explore the historic home of Mr. Harry P. Leu in the center of the garden. This garden oasis is fully accessible for individuals in wheelchair, electric scooters, and power chairs, so why not take a moment to enjoy the wonder of it all?

Planning on visiting Orlando, Florida for your vacation? Don’t let your mobility problems get in the way of your fun. Orlando offers many attractions that are accessible to Orlando scooter rentals. Rent your mobility scooter today and make some memories.


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