Preventing Damage to Your Orlando Scooter Rental

Renting a mobility scooter in Florida is an easy way to ensure you enjoy every moment of your vacation. With Orlando scooter rentals, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to keep up with your family or whether your illness or injury will prevent you from taking part in the fun activities the group has planned. These scooters also allow you to maintain some of your independence on the trip; you don’t have to constantly rely on other to help you get around.

While an Orlando scooter rental offers many benefits, there are concerns every renter should be aware of. The most prominent of which is potential damage that could occur. In most cases, any damage you do to a rented scooter must be repaired- and that cost comes out of your own pocket. Keeping the rented scooter safe means you not only get to enjoy your vacation, but also ensures it doesn’t cost you more than you originally intended.

Preventing Damage to Orlando Scooter Rentals

When you read the terms and conditions of the rental contract for your new mobility scooter, you will quickly notice that the terms name you as the responsible party for any damage that occurs to the scooter. This is common, and helps motivate renters to take care of the scooters as much as possible. In order to do this, however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • You are the Driver- That means you shouldn’t allow your thirteen year old son to ‘try the scooter out,’ or leave the scooter sitting out where anyone could take advantage of it. Doing so could not only put the scooter at risk, but would also violate the contract. You, and you alone should drive the scooter.
  • Watch the Weight- Every mobility scooter is different, and each has their own unique capabilities. Pay attention to what those are. If your Orlando Scooter Rental can only hold 325 pounds and you weigh 330 pounds, don’t take the chance. The weight capacities are assigned to the scooters for a reason.
  • Be Defensive- You don’t have to be paranoid throughout your entire vacation, looking around every corner for the potential hazard that could damage your rented scooter, but you should be as defensive as possible. Think before you go. If you’re crossing at an intersection, look both ways. If you’re going through a doorway, make sure it is wide enough for the chair to fit through. Look for hazards and problems that can be easily avoided to save you time and money.

Insurance for Orlando Scooter Rentals

As hard as you might try, and as defensive as you might be, you can’t prevent every mistake or accident that comes along. That’s why you should always opt for the accidental damage insurance offered when you rent the mobility scooter. This insurance not only protects your wallet in the event the scooter becomes scratched or dinged, but also protects you in case it’s stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair.

Accidental insurance for Orlando scooter rentals is a low cost alternative that will make it easier for you to enjoy every moment of your vacation. Adding this coverage is simple, and will prevent you from any worries while you’re in Florida.

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