Q: How can I pay for my rental equipment.

A: FMR, LLC accepts most major credit and debit cards, directly on line, 24 hours a day or via telephone, during office hours; reservations can be made up to one year in advance. 

Q: Can I transport my equipment in a private car or taxi.

A: Yes, most of our scooters can be easily disassembled into light weight components, all wheel chairs and strollers fold up, your Delivery Driver, will demonstrate the procedure, should you require it. The size of the scooter will determine the size of the vehicle you need to transport it, if you are renting one of our smaller transportable scooters then you will need to rent at least a MID SIZE sedan, van or SUV, of you are renting one of our larger scooters, like the Victory, then you will need to rent a FULL SIZE Vehicle, convertible vehicles or vehicles with very small or limited trunk space, do not work well with scooters or any mobility equipment, so please make sure that your rental company is aware of what your transporting and the number of passengers, to make sure they supply the most appropriate vehicle for your needs.

Q: What scooter and power chair options do I have to choose from.

A: We offer the four most popular type of scooters and Power Chairs, all manufactured by Pride Mobility and Drive Mobility, which means that everything complies with Disney and Universals requirements and guidelines, when making your reservation, please select your scooter based on the weight of the heaviest rider, to ensure safe operation and adequate battery life for a full days usage, please refer to our reservation page for full specifications on all of our equipment.

Q: Will all the equipment you offer, run all day on a single battery charge.

A: That will depend on the scooter you rent and the amount of miles you ride, an average guest covers around 6 miles in a day and all our scooters, will easily manage an average days usage, this is assuming you charge the batteries fully the night before, for the next day’s use, charging can be carried out, either whilst  the batteries are still in the scooter, or you can remove the batteries from the scooter, charge them in your suite and leave the scooter in the trunk of your car,  your weight will directly affect the charge life and durability of the batteries, so it is important to list the riders weight correctly when making your reservation and on your reservations profile, give us as much information as possible, as to your planned usage for the vehicle, so we can make sure you have selected the most suitable equipment and make sure you are aware of any accessories that are available. 

 Q: If I need to change my hotel during my stay, what should I do.

A: Let us know, immediately, where you are moving to, so we can update your profile information, we will also need to check the collection arrangements with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, as we would not want to delay your departure in any way.

Q: Will it be safe to leave my scooter unattended in a theme park, for short periods of time.

A: Absolutely, just park your scooter in a safe place, remove the ignition key and keep it with you , rarely does a guest have any issues, but the equipment is the renters liability until returned to Florida Mobility Rentals and the renter should take steps to ensure the security of the equipment.

Q: If I have a disability, will the theme parks be able to answer any questions I have or be able to provide me with specific information about my visit.

A: Yes, an e mail or phone call to the parks Guest Services, will easily enable you to find out about special accommodations,  for guests with disabilities, a number of the attractions have special entrances to facilitate scooter and mobility equipment users and on some rides, you may be able to ride your scooter while in the boarding line, or even onto the ride itself, all the major theme parks are designed to be very user friendly to all guests of all abilities and their staff are very happy to help you with any individual needs you may have.