Credit & Debit Card Policies

 Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC Credit and Debit card Policies 

Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC accepts most major credit and debit cards as credit identification and for payment at the time of rental. Positive identification in addition to your driver’s licence will be required. (Please note that Prepaid, Debit, Credit or Gift cards, are not acceptable methods of credit identification)

Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC reserves the right, at its discretion, to obtain a Debit Card authorisation hold, for the estimated rental charges, when using a Debit card for collections from our offices or other locations.

If you fail to return the equipment as agreed and in the same condition as it was rented to you or your agents, Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC will obtain additional authorisations from your account to cover any additional rental charges and the balance value of the rented equipment, Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC, is not and will not be held responsible for any returned cheques, bank charges or over draft charges, charged to you, should we need to exercise this condition. 

Rental Extensions 

All Mobility equipment is due to be collected / returned, at the date and time specified on the rental agreement, if you need to extend your rental, you must call or e mail us at at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the initial rental period, Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC, reserves the right to exchange the equipment, for replacement equipment, subject to availability, should it be necessary, at a mutually agreeable time and location. 

Battery Failure 

Scooters are fully charged at the time of delivery, renters are responsible for charging the battery as needed, and we recommend that the battery is charged each night, in accordance with the units charging instructions. Should you suffer a battery failure, after full and correct charging procedures have been followed, please contact us either by phone or e mail at and we will arrange for a replacement battery to be delivered to you, should you become stranded, due to failing to charge the battery, correctly or fully, then a fully charged replacement can be delivered to you, please be advised that Florida Mobility Rentals, LLC, charges for this service start at $25.00.