Want Fun in Orlando Outside a Theme Park? 4 Attractions You'll Love

In the past, we've talked a lot about having fun during your Florida vacation when you're renting an Orlando mobility scooter. Most of that fun has been centered around the many different theme parks in this area, and why shouldn't it be? Many families who visit consider these parks to be the best of the best, and individuals travel from all around the world for the opportunity to experience their excitement.
There's much more to Orlando than just theme parks though. You and your family can have plenty of fun when you're done riding roller coasters and taking pictures with your favorite cartoon characters, (and of course getting their autograph.) There are a variety of fun opportunities in and around Orlando that are readily available and completely accessible for those who use electric scooters.

Fun Outside the Theme Park

So, what fun can you expect outside a theme park?

  • Slueth's Mystery Dinner Shows- Enjoy a comedy mystery show where you and your family can become detectives and solve crimes. This dinner show lasts for 2 and a half hours and is performed live while you enjoy a delicious dinner. You'll be given clues about the crime, be given the opportunity to interrogate the suspects, and you may even be chosen to play a cameo role in the mystery! Every aspect of the show is completely accessible to your electric scooter, so you'll be able to completely enjoy the show without worrying about anything at all.

  • La Nouba- You may have seen the movie, but there's nothing like experiencing Cirque du Soleil in real life. Each performance contains mesmerizing feats and breathtaking acrobatics, all choreographed perfectly for a magical experience you'll only find in Downtown Disney. The theater is accessible to Orlando mobility scooters, and, if you're staying at the Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, you can reach the theater by boat or bus so you don't have to worry about parking.

  • Gray Line of Orlando- Eager to swim with the dolphins? Visit the Kennedy Space Center? See a real alligator? The Gray Line of Orlando is a sightseeing company that will help you truly experience Florida. Pickups are available in all areas, and wheelchair accessible vehicles are used so you can truly enjoy the tour.

  • Brevard Zoo- There's nothing quite seeing nature in all its beauty, especially when it comes to the unique and beautiful wildlife found at the Brevard Zoo. Here you can feed a giraffe, make contact (safely) with a colossal rhino, and even stoke a baby gator's scales. It will be like nothing you've ever experienced before, and it's entirely accessible to your electric scooter.

Want to enjoy some fun in the sun in Florida, but don't want to spend every waking moment in a theme park? No problem! There are plenty of exciting and Orlando mobility scooter friendly attractions you can take part in that will completely change the way you think about Florida and your vacation.

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