5 Signs You May Need a Scooter

Orlando scooter rentalsAsking for help isn’t something many of us like to do. In fact, trying to take care of ourselves and make it on our own is human nature. We don’t want to be dependent on others; we don’t even want to be dependent on things that can help us.

There comes a time, though, when we must set aside our pride and consider the possibility that we need help to make our lives work. This is especially true when we are suffering from an illness, injury, or have reached an elderly age.

If your age or an injury has made it difficult for you to move around, you may need the assistance of a mobility aid. The only question is, how do you know when a walker or a pair of crutches isn’t enough? How do you know when you need to consider, at least temporarily, a mobility scooter?

Do You Need a Scooter?

  • You Fall Frequently- Are you prone to falling down? Age can play a factor in your ability to maintain your balance, but certain illnesses and injuries can cause these problems as well. Going without help in this situation can be dangerous, and can lead to further injuries.
  • You Have Trouble Walking- Getting from your bedroom to the kitchen with the help of a walker might not be too difficult, but what do you do when you have to walk around the grocery store? What about when your family wants to go on vacation or participate in the neighborhood block party? If walking becomes difficult, even with the help of crutches, a cane, or a walker, then you may need to consider renting a mobility scooter to assist you in enjoying life.
  • You Have Trouble Standing- Do you have trouble standing for long periods at a time? Some individuals who suffer from back pain, strokes, and other illnesses have no trouble walking with a cane or walker; the minute they are asked to stand for more than ten minutes, however, they begin suffering pain and discomfort. This can easily be avoided with the help of a mobility scooter.
  • You’re Recovering From Surgery- Going under the knife may help you overcome an illness or injury, but the recovery time can wreak havoc on your sense of independence. If recovery is taking longer than you anticipated, take back your ability to take care of yourself with a scooter. You’ll be able to do more on your own and won’t feel as confined.
  • You Feel Left Out- While you may not need to use a scooter all of the time, renting one for the occasional outing can make you feel as if you’re still part of the fun. You can take your grandchildren to the mall, go on vacation with your family, and do everything you used to be able to do, without having to rely constantly on the help of your walker or cane.

Do you think you might need a mobility scooter? Visit our Orlando scooter rentals website and discover how you can take back your life and your independence right now.


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