Pros and Cons to Using a Sunshade With Your Scooter

There's a reason that Florida is called the sunshine state. The sun is shining down the majority of the time. It's for that reason that many people who decide to opt for a scooter rental in Orlando consider using a sunshade to protect themselves from the harsh UV rays while they are out and about enjoying the theme parks, shops, and restaurants. The question is: should you?

Pros and Cons of Sunshades


  • When you leave the scooter parked to go into a restaurant to eat or to ride an attraction, sunshades protect the handles and seat of the scooter from taking on the full heat of the sun. This means that when you return to the mobility scooter, the seat and handles won't be so hot to the touch.

  • A sunshade can protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and offer shade. When you're out and about on your vacation, you may not have to worry about getting sunburned.

  • The sunshade will keep you cooler while you're using your scooter rental in Orlando. It will provide you with the necessary shade you need to enjoy your time outdoors.


  • The sun continually moves throughout the day, and that means when you're riding your scooter rental in Orlando, the probability that the sunshade is able to protect you fully at all times is very low.

  • Sunshades can get in the way and become a hindrance when you're enjoying your vacation. They may become caught on items sticking out from shelves in a shop or become caught on items that are hanging nearby. This not only leaves a trail of destruction behind you, but it may be a trail of destruction you have to pay for.

  • Sunshades are often screwed directly to mobility scooters, and this may not be possible when you're renting. You could be asked to pay for the damage caused by the screws. In addition, if you need to transport the mobility scooter, you'll need to unscrew the sunshade and screw it back again each time. This can be tedious and may not be worth the effort.

So What Should you do?

While sunshades do offer a few benefits, their disadvantages outweigh their advantages. Instead of purchasing or renting a sunshade for your vacation in Florida, consider other options instead. Carry sunblock with you at all times to prevent sunburns, wear a heat to protect your face and keep your head cooler, and spend as much time as possible in the shade. In addition, if you're going to park your scooter and walk anywhere, be sure to park it in the shade so the seat and handles aren't as hot when you return. If this isn't possible, consider investing in a cover for the scooter to keep it out of the sun.

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